December 16, 2009

let forget alL...!!

ya...long time no see..hahaa....feEl want to telL that i m okay but stil in guilty!! know n him are together back..oh god!! this time i will never let him him so much!! today ktowg da 2month ta caye je lorh..susah tau na protect relationship niy..i hope die sayang aku same cam before the bad day! oh damN so annoyed!!huhu....
SMS : b, bby syg sgt lorh kat b..bby tawu bby taley hilang b..canNot live without u..i never do that thing again! promise with u sayang k..hope our relationship never end ..

pe lagi eak...ajim?? stil fren n people still with their judgement bout us but who cares!! i only have azwan azman in my heart!!SWEAR!!!
k lorh too sleepy til canNot thing antmore..huhu..

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