December 05, 2009

AZWAN <3 AYDA ????

adeh!!! it a mistake to hve a relationship with someone who are young than us??
YES!! some said yes coz senior never match with a junior..oh god!! l0ve does not care bout it..most impotant is how we apPrciate n care our rltionship rght??
NO!! some said no coz they believe what is the meaning of love...but i so sad coz most of them said YES...i m realLy dun know what shud i do..
leave him??oh no..i dun wan to hurt him.... owez trust him?? not so... do not care bout what people said?? i can't..... haiya stop disturb me!! i hate alL the bad words bout him..please gve me a strength to love him!! some my fren never like me be with him... oh besties please understand me..i love him so much!! i don want to lose him..i need him..

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